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Impeacement Now

Mar 5, 07:07 PM

Hear screaming, “Out of Iraq!!!!”
“Then what?”

“All of the destruction will end!”
Sharing solidarity by listening to you.

The high school students asked the teacher, “What can protesting possibly do?”
Go and feel for yourself
Feel the doing, of something…

Doing something.
“Creating awareness about something is an end in itself.”

“How many kids did you kill today!!!”
The chant is… “How many kids did you kill today!!!”
shouting in reply… ­­­­­­­­­­­­_________________

This is not a fill in the blank test.

“I hear people shouting from the sidelines

Playing the game from the streets, then seeing people with opposite perspectives joining in…”

“Passing the anti-anti-march was bogging.”

Don’t pay attention to them and they can’t affect you. Even so… stand next to them with a sign that will help to bring together messages. They say support our troops and the next to them blur tactics,

“old men say fight

in the war…

and only youth


LAW 3—-when occupying another country one must:

Pay people from the opposite side to be there during the peace demonstration, calling the hippies burn-outs and fakes. The few who were accepting the bribes were holding up signs supporting occupation. The news breaking story: They were paid by the corporate government to act as a nuisance. The story when finally broke by an underground reporter caused many to look differently at “democracy in action. This democracy was fake.”

“It is hard to know true democracy… especially when you are only allowed so close to the ‘Capital Building.’ One who is not in the ‘inner circle’ is let just close enough to look and feel they are participating in governance and just far enough to hide from the people they are supposedly representing what they really do.”

But why are they buying the people?
Who is paying off the people to hold signs that support killing?

When the protesters are chanting, “Impeach Bush,”
They are saying in a very personal way, “Impeach thy system, create something different.”

Bush does not exist beyond what they system allows him to be… it is a system however that must be…


Fill in the blank

“Create something different with the money you are spending. No need for people in the military to lose their jobs. In fact, everyone can keep them. There will be more jobs for everyone once the full transformation takes place.”





Why is it that I came out here and didn’t want to see anyone I knew?

Incognito doppelganger shift

Go home to write and paint

Idea 55:

Next time come out with a small stereo and make music not war.

Last Comment from virgin marcher:

“The best part of the whole day is the exercise. I felt so good after marching. It feels as if my health has improved.”

One day, next time, I will come not alone and walk even further with you.

We walk together, through and through…
until awake in dream

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